Client Testimonials

Ravi P. 30, Boston, MA

ravi“I have a neuro-muscular condition that has slowly taken away my ability to control my muscles over the last 22 years, given me great pain, and paradoxically also taken away my ability to feel many parts of my body.

Over the last 10 months, I’ve worked diligently with a physical therapist who greatly reduced my pain levels and returned some of my ability to feel my body. Despite these huge successes, she also realized that she couldn’t take me across the finish line, and suggested that I start working with Sirena once a week as well. I may never have taken this leap on my own-Pilates is not normally a form of movement that I consider therapeutic.

I used to run distance and do Insanity. Despite doing some yoga, I thought of Pilates as an activity for people who couldn’t handle more intense activities. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

In the last few months, Sirena has given me back more small muscle control and flexibility than I could have imagined. Rather than a chunk of uncoordinated meat and sinew, my body has started to feel fluid again.

Issues with my back locking up and preventing me from breathing have all but gone away. Sirena has an incredible knowledge of the nuances of the body. She understands how small changes can cause systematic changes and uses this knowledge to provide steady progress–knowing exactly when to gently push harder or pull back.

I could not be more thankful for her help and would gladly recommend her. I used to view my future like a constricting muscle, closed off and becoming increasingly narrow. Now, I look forward to broad horizons.”


michel“10 months ago I had back pain from a herniated disk that shot down my legs. I was seeing the physical therapists at POST for several months and transitioned to working with Sirena and have been working with her with success for almost a year.

Learning the stretches and paying attention to my nutrition, I can now workout more often and ride my bike without pain, and have lost 10 lbs. in the process.

I’m still learning along the way and I have my setbacks, but Sirena has taught me how to listen to my body and to be compassionate to myself.”


kerry“I am not a big fan of exercise and it has been several years since I participated in any kind of formal exercise program. After two kids, no formal exercise program, and reaching my mid-forties, I was not feeling great about my body, my clothes started to fit differently, and my energy level had been decreasing. From my first impression of Sirena, I was very interested from the start in working with her.

I found Sirena to be very encouraging and supportive. From the beginning, she has found a great balance between encouraging me to push myself but not pushing me to the point of discouragement. She is very knowledgeable about musculoskeletal issues. She is very positive and seems to be genuinely excited when I meet a goal or accomplish a new skill!

I feel like I have more energy, I feel stronger, especially in my core and my back. I find that I am lifting items with more ease much sleep as I was getting previously and not feeling any back pain afterwards.

I have really enjoyed my workouts with Sirena.  I started working with her in late November of 2014.  As background, I am not a big fan of exercise and it has been MANY, MANY years since I participated in any kind of formal exercise program, so it was very important for me to find the right kind of exercise and the right person to help keep me motivated.  I have found Sirena to be very attentive to my individual needs, motivating and encouraging.

Although it has only been 10-11 months, this is the longest period of time that I have consistently maintained an exercise routine as an adult.”

Hannah Husband, 30, Pilates Instructor and Fitness Professional

HannahHusbandAs a professional actress in the Boston theatre scene, I am always presented with new physical challenges–athletic dance numbers, fist fights, sword fights, clowning-style prat falls, and even cheerleading.

I also have to look good in whatever costume the designer has in mind. Needless to say, moving well and staying lean are intrinsic to my work. However, between long rehearsals and my day job, it’s hard to fit in very many hours at the gym.

I came to Sirena with two main goals:
1. To make my workouts more effective (i.e. more results in less time working out per week)
2. To fix my shoulder issues (at that point I couldn’t straighten my arms directly overhead without pain, which was very disturbing, and was negatively impacting my work and day to day life. )

She patiently helped me improve the strength and flexibility of my upper body, and she also opened my eyes to other postural issues and weak points that were impeding my progress. Unlike many trainers, she takes the whole person into consideration, and has a very effective holistic approach to fitness. After training with her for the last 6 months, my workouts have become more efficient, I feel better day to day, I look leaner and more toned, and I’m almost doing real pull-ups!

Ilene K., 45, Boston, MA. Professional Trainer

ileneI have been a personal trainer for over 14 years and decided I needed something different that I wasn’t giving myself.  I started training with Sirena to learn a different approach to training.

I am very capable of training myself but Sirena gave me the extra push that I wasn’t giving myself. She challenges me in different ways every time we meet. I then decided to take it a step further and learn Sirena’s approach to nutrition.

I completed an 8 week nutritional program with Sirena with great results. The program teaches you about your own body.

Every person has different nutritional needs and every body is different.  Sirena gave me a template to work with and we tweaked the program at our weekly check in sessions.

I liked the program so much that I am decided to get certified as a holistic health coach to help others the way that Sirena has helped me. I have grown as a personal trainer and a person because of Sirena. Thank you very much.

Jennifer D., Boston, MA

dimaseportraitThe Lean Body Challenge was eye-opening and noticeably transformative in a positive way.  I became a good water drinker, whereas I’d never been very good at hydrating throughout the day.

I was eating delicious fruits with every meal and snack, which not only eliminated feeling hungry between meals, but also reminded me of how remarkable different kinds of fruit are.I was sleeping better, feeling more energetic, and never experiencing stomach aches.  I also lost 7 pounds, 6 of which were fat, based on % body fat calculations taken before and after the challenge.

My days started with 10 minutes of stretching and exercise, which got my body and mind fully ready to take on the day.  I felt (and still feel!) the best I’ve ever known- mentally, physically, and emotionally- and I couldn’t have done it without Sirena’s support and guidance and the encouragement of the group.  The LBC is a completely rewarding way to successfully incorporate healthier decisions and actions into your lifestyle, and feel great every day.

Kristin G., 30, Boston, MA

kristinBefore I started working with Sirena, I ate a very restricted diet while exercising 5-6 days a week. It worked for me at first, but then I started to develop IT band injuries from overtraining, and my body wasn’t responding to my diet any more and it left me feeling incredibly frustrated. This is when I sought help from Sirena.

She taught me how to trust my body: to listen to what it wanted to eat, when to eat, how much, and when to give my body a break from workouts.

Sirena’s ideas were very different than what I’d learned in the past, and I was really scared at first to try something new because I didn’t want lose the results I had, but I knew something had to change because it wasn’t working for me any more. I trusted her opinion because of the amazing results I’d seen in her clients. Working with Sirena I learned that I could both have and keep the body I wanted without depriving myself or worrying all of the time.

In the past I would have ignored what my body was saying, but now I know how to listen to my body, and give it what it needs. I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point if it wasn’t for Sirena’s support. She never gave up on me, and she always believed that I could do it. I am a changed woman and I have Sirena to thank. Thank you, Sirena!

Phyl London, Boston, MA Master Trainer and founder of Bodiphy

phylI used to really hate grocery shopping.  It would give me anxiety, I would always get the same kinds of foods and never really ventured out. I would typically just buy the same healthy pre-made options because I wasn’t confident about cooking on my own.

Sirena was great, and she came with me to the grocery store and showed me exactly what I needed to get and why.

Not only that, she helped me feel more confident in the kitchen, and now I can cook for myself without relying on pre-packaged foods.  I’m even cooking for other people now which feels great.

Not only that, but my body is at the leanest and healthiest its been in my life, and I feel it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m now cooking my own meals.

Samantha L., 31, Boston, MA

216413_563810861492_14101791_32392642_5577134_nDuring law school a few years ago, I credit Sirena with keeping me sane amidst the stress of studying.

I am not somebody who ever enjoyed working out. I would get bored with my gym routine and never see results. Sirena teaches me how to maximize my workouts and makes sure that I get the results I’m looking for. My body feels strong and lean.

It is amazing to have someone so invested in helping me reach my goals. She is constantly pushing me to do things I never thought I could do (and I am constantly complaining about it), but I love her for it.