VIP Embodied Coaching


Do you remember what it was like to feel strong, confident and pain-free in your body?

If you’re holding onto extra weight, if you’re looking for a deeper solution to your chronic pain, or if you desire bright crisp energy…keep reading. 

My name is Sirena and I’m more than your run-of-the-mill-big-box-gym trainer…I’m a guide, a warrior, and a healer, and helping others feel safe and powerful in their body is one of my superpowers. 

I strongly believe that our body is our greatest asset. It is the vehicle in which we experience the world.

The better we can move and feel in our body by becoming stronger, releasing pain and tension, and becoming more mobile, the better we can navigate our personal and spiritual lives, and all the ups and downs with ease and grace.

The better we feel in our body by allowing ourselves more rest and eating in a way that nourishes us, the more present and loving we can be to ourselves, in our relationships and in our work-life or businesses.

The better we are at trusting our body and re-awakening our intuition, the less struggle, confusion and anxiety we’ll experience, and the more FLOW we’ll begin to feel along our path.

I’m here to help you remember how to feel free, joyful, and confident in your body.

I’m here to help you remember…

…how to move without pain and with ease.

…how to exercise without getting injured.

…how to feel strong and connected to your body.

…how to reduce clumsiness and feel more present and aware.

…how life felt before the weight, before the pain, before the injuries.

…how to remove the layers of constriction, of tightness, and numbness from your body.

…how to find your resilience and your suppleness.

I’m here to help you remember who you ARE.

If any of the above resonates with you, I have a feeling that I can help you because I know where you’ve been. I’ve been working with clients just like you for more than 11 years. 

And chances are, you’re ready to make a commitment to your health. AND, a bigger commitment than just joining the neighborhood gym, because really, that rarely works for most people – especially if you thrive with having support, empathy and a heartfelt approach. (I do not believe in using fitness as a form of punishment. No boot camp drills sergeants here!)

So, I’d like to share with you my solution to having a lean, strong and ageless body…is that cool?

Before we get into that, I want to ask you to just take a look at the column below and mentally check off the boxes that resonate with you the most:

Are you…?

  • Experiencing chronic pain in your body, whether that’s in your low back, feet, or hips?

  • Holding onto 10-20 lbs. of excess weight you’d like to shed?

  • Desiring to feel stronger, build core strength and have lean muscle?

  • Feeling like you should have more energy than you’re experiencing?

  • Recovering from a current injury, physical therapy rehab, or having flare ups from past injuries/surgeries?

  • Willing to make a commitment and an investment in your health? (are you willing to pay for more than just a gym membership, or a few personal training sessions to reach your goals?)

  • Ready to take full responsibility for your life and your body, and have professional support along the way?

  • Aware that most nutrition and lifestyle changes require a long-term, habit-based approach to stick for good and that quick 30-day Biggest Loser-esque extreme approaches actually cause more harm than good?

  • Committed to letting go of old beliefs and stories about what you’re capable of, and spending the next 6 months or more with laser-focus on achieving your goals?

If you answered “Yes” to at least 5 of the above, VIP Embodied Coaching may be the solution you’re looking for.

VIP Embodied Coaching Includes:

  • 5 Training Sessions per month (1 each week)
  • 1 Monthly Nutrition Coaching Session
  • 2 – 90 min. Embodied Stretching Sessions
  • Personalized Monthly Strength Training Porgram
  • Weekly Food Log Review
  • Monthly Weigh-ins and Measurement
  • Gifts and surprises sprinkled along the way

If this sounds intriguing to you, or if you’d like to learn more, the next step here is to fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule a free Strategy Session where you can share your fitness journey and decide whether this is a good fit for you.

If you’d like to reach me sooner, please feel free to call me directly at (603) 674-9579 to set up a time to schedule your Strategy Session.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, my friend!

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